At Backdrop Boutique we specialize in super fantastic, versatile backdrops & faux floordrops for photographers!

What materials are your backdrops printed on?

We currently offer two types of material our Dream Drop Fabric Backdrop, and our Premium Canvas Backdrop. Dream Drops:  Are made of super lightweight polyester material.  There are several advantages to this product, it is very lightweight and easy to transport because you can fold it, and it is 100% Glare free!  Also storage is made super easy because you can fold it for storage.  It is virtually wrinkle resistant, once hung the any wrinkles fall away within minutes!  Available in 5ft wide up to 8ft wide by any length. Premium Canvas: Is our premium product.  Drops are printed on 100% premium artist canvas (like your gallery wraps and other canvas prints you may have in your studio).  They are heavy duty, 100% Glare Free!

What sizes do you offer?


5’ x 5’: $130
5’ x 6’: $154
5’ x 7’: $177
5’ x 8’: $200
8’ x 7’: $275
8’ x 8’: $315
8’ x10’:$380
8’ x12’:$430
8’ x15’:$510
Premium Canvas:
5’ x 5’: $160
5’ x 6’: $175
5’ x 7’: $190
5’ x 8’: $215
8’ x 7’: $325
8’ x 8’: $375
8’ x10’:$425
8’ x12’:$515
8’ x15’:$615

Do you offer any combination backdrops?

Yes!  We have what we call Companion and Triplet Backdrop & Floordrop Combinations.
Companions are two designs combined and printed on the same backdrop/floordrop.  We have quite a few predesigned Companions or you can create your own.  We are currently offering Companions in 5′x8′ (each design is 5′x4′) and 5′x10′ (each section is 5′x5′) and are available in both Dream Drops and Premium Canvas.
Triplets are three designs combined and printed on the same backdrop/floordrop.  We have quite a few predesigned Companions or you can create your own.  We are currently offering Companions in 5′x10′ (each design is 5′ x 3.3′) and 5′x15′ (each section is 5′x5′) and are available in both Dream Drops and Premium Canvas.

Can you custom print one of my personal designs?

YES!  We are happy to make a design from one of your photographs and designs! The photograph must be high resolution (we can provide dimensions upon request). It is also required that you have explicit rights to the photograph or design. A small formatting fee may be required.  Email us for more information jen@backdropboutique.com.

How long will it take to receive my backdrop?

Backdrops are printed 24-72 business hours after orders are submitted.  Please keep in mind that our lab is closed on Saturday and Sunday and all major holidays.  All drops require a 24 hour curing time to ensure your backdrop is dried completely before shipping.   All US orders are shipped via FEDEX Ground shipping which takes 2-5 business days depending on location.

During major promotions and sales turnaround may be extended due to the high volume of orders.  We appreciate your understanding in this.

We can expedite your orders shipping, please email jen@backdropboutique.com for a quote.

Do you ship internationally?

YES!  We do ship internationally.

Orders to Canada can be placed on our website at this time.  Shipping will be $40 for up to 4 drops.  And are shipped via USPS.

We do ship to most other countries and in most cases the shipping is an additional $150 for up to 4 backdrops.  Please contact us at jen@backdropboutique.com to get an accurate quote for international shipping costs.

How do I hang my backdrops?

We suggest using an adjustable backdrop stand and some hardware clamps to secure your drops.  Each backdrop is printed with additional fabric that you can also sew a rod pocket into.

Here are some links to make it easy for you to hang your backdrops:

How do I care for and store my backdrops?

Dream Drops:  One of the greatest things about our dream drops is they are light weight and you just fold them up for storage, or fold and hang a closet.  Dream drops can be dry clean or washed separately with cold water in your household washer on the delicate cycle with woolite. If needed it can be ironed or steam on delicate/LOW setting.

Premium Canvas: Premium canvas should be rolled and stored in the shipping tube it came in or you can velcro it to a piece of pvc pipe to make for easy storage and setup (when ready to use just slip the pvc pipe over your backdrop stand cross bar.  To clean Premium Canvas wipe with damp cloth and allow to air dry.  You should not use any cleaners, chemicals or Magic Erasers.

We suggest when using backdrops/floordrops on the floor use use on a solid surface such as wood/tile flooring.  If carpet is the only option we suggest placing a piece of plywood underneath to create a solid surface.  When used directly on carpet they can become damaged or deformed when pressure is applied.

* We are not responsible for any scratches or damage caused by cleaning, dragging, scraping or improper use.

Other Details:

Color Variance:

Please keep in mind that all monitor are calibrated differently and brightness and contrast levels and will therefore cause differences in what you are viewing and the actual color/hue of your backdrop.  When you see sample photos of the backdrops in use please keep in mind that many photographers use editing software to manipulate the colors of their images and this can make them look differently than the actual backdrop.


We strongly recommend you inspect your backdrop immediately after delivery.  If your backdrop is incorrectly printed or damaged please notify us within 7 days.   Because of the custom nature of our product returns will only be accepted in the case of it arriving damaged or being printed incorrectly. We will not accept returns because the customer choose the wrong pattern, size or material.  Please be advised website images are intended to be used as only as a guide, and we do not guarantee or warrant the colors shown on our website to be 100% accurate to the actual printed backdrop. All returns must send a picture with detailed explanation of the claim to jen@backdropboutique.com. Return request must be received within 7 days of delivery. We are not responsible for any damage caused by improper use.